I am a visual artist. I also work as a lecturer at the Academy of Photography in Krakow. My work has been exhibited and published worldwide, and I have received photography awards in the USA, Poland, Japan and Italy, among others.

I draw inspiration from various manifestations of nature. While my main tool is the camera, I sometimes use installation or performance to arrange my images. I describe my work as subjective documentary.  I am interested in legends and myths.

I published my first photobook, IN PRAISE OF SHADOW, together with Rust Publishing.
If you're interested, you can purchase the photobook here


  • 2023 π“Šπ“‹Όπ“Šπ“‹Ό Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, BA Faculty of Philiosophy and Science, University of Silesia in Opava (CZ)
  • 2015 π“Šπ“‹Όπ“Šπ“‹Ό Tadeusz Kosciuszko Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture (PL)

residencies& programs:

individual exibithions:

  • 2024 π“‹Ό In Praise of Shadowβ”‚Fundacja Alina, Warsaw (PL)
  • 2023 π“‹Ό The Biodegradable Spaceβ”‚ Galerie Fotografic, Prague (CZ)
  • 2023 π“‹Ό The Biodegradable Spaceβ”‚ IndustraArt, Brno (CZ)
  • 2022 π“‹Ό a Lair  π“‹Ό Verzasca Foto Festival π“‹Ό Brione (CH)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό The Biodegradable Space π“‹Ό KRAKERS- Cracow Art Week, KrakΓ³w (PL)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό a Lair π“‹Ό ShowOFF- Krakow Photomonth π“‹ΌNoΕ›na Foundation, KrakΓ³w (PL)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό God, bless that family π“‹Ό Gwar artistic space, Katowice (PL)

group exibithions:

  • 2024 π“‹Ό FETISH, Zone Magazine, 2xMuse, Vercelli (IT)
  • 2024 π“‹Ό 2138 - Cracow Art Week,  General Post Office, Krakow (PL)
  • 2023 π“‹Ό OD photo prize, Open Doors Gallery, London (UK)
  • 2023 π“‹Ό Post-residency exhibition, MIA art gallery, WrocΕ‚aw (PL) 
  • 2023 π“‹Ό Post-residency exhibition, NOWA art space, Nowa Ruda (PL) 
  • 2023 π“‹Ό PEP: New Talents 2022 π“‹Ό gallery 254Forest, Brussels (BE)
  • 2022 π“‹Ό Indian Photo Festival π“‹Ό State Art Gallery, Hyderabad (IN)
  • 2022 π“‹Ό Sopot Photography Festival π“‹Ό State Art Gallery in Sopot (PL)
  • 2022 π“‹Ό Helsinki Photo Festival π“‹Ό Nationam Musem in Finland, Helsinki (FI)
  • 2022 π“‹Ό FOTOFESTIWAL: Common Opava π“‹Ό OFF Piotrkowska, ŁódΕΊ (PL)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό LensCulture π“‹Ό Caelum Gallery, New York (US)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό Rybnik Foto Festival π“‹Ό Rybnik (PL)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό Photo Vogue Festival: Reframing History π“‹Ό BASE Milano, Milan (IT)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό VI Piotrkowskie Biennale of art: Return from the stars π“‹Ό PiotrkΓ³w Trybunalski (PL)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό On the egdes of space π“‹Ό NAGA gallery, Krakow (PL)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό Houseworks π“‹Ό Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Pracownia Wschodnia, Warszawa (PL)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό Blood is thicker than a water π“‹Ό OFF Bratislava (SK)
  • 2020 π“‹Ό KAFE collective: In search of identity  π“‹Ό  performans online
  • 2019 π“‹Ό Leeway π“‹Ό Serce CzΕ‚owieka LAW gallery, Warszawa (PL)
  • 2019 π“‹Ό Instalacja π“‹Ό Teatr Powszechny, Strfea WolnosΕ‚owa, Warszawa (PL)
  • 2019 π“‹Ό  SZRON  conteporary art fair, Warszawa (PL)



lectures and talks:

  • 2024 π“‹Ό Fundacja Alina π“‹Ό Warsaw (PL)
  • 2022 π“‹Ό State Gallery of Art π“‹Ό Sopot (PL)
  • 2022 π“‹Ό Castello Marcacci  π“‹Ό Brione (CH)
  • 2021 π“‹Ό Tadeusz Kantor's Centre for Documentation Cricoteka π“‹Ό KrakΓ³w (PL)

work in collection:

  • State Gallery of Art π“‹Ό Public Art Collection, Sopot, PL
  • Private Collections π“‹Ό in Poland, France, Belgium, Germany, United States, Italy

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