Date and place of issue: Kraków 2024
Edition: 500 copies
Dimensions: 29x22cm
Number of pages: 80
Number of photographs: 37
Edited by: Tomasz Kawecki, Jakub Szachnowski,
Aleksandra Przybysz, Michał Łuczak
Text: Aleksandra Przybysz
Design: Jakub Szachnowski
Graphics: Mikołaj Stachańczyk
Translation into English: Daria Izworska
Publisher: RUST
Patronage: Fundacja Alina, Mia Art Gallery

Shadows have become a refuge for animistic and primordial beliefs that have not been assimilated by humans. This idea is supported by biologist David Attenborough, who states that there are no places unaffected by human presence, except for the ocean floor. Therefore, ancient ghosts and legends have adapted by hiding in the shadows created by humans, seeking refuge in dark spaces like caves and abandoned houses. Kawecki's work focuses on capturing these inaccessible worlds in the setting of Nowa Ruda and its underground.  

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